Wrist Wraps - Black (Pair)

Wrist support is crucial to all pressing, overhead movements and some gymnastics. 

The Murgs elastic wrist wraps offer incredible support whilst being crafted from soft materials which hold the wrists firmly yet gently. Embossed with a two unique rubberised logo's on each hand mean there's never any doubt to which wrap is for each hand.

The wraps offer a supportive thumb loop to help apply tension when wrapping the wrists and also allow the wraps to be pulled to an even tightness on both wrists. 

Wrist wraps come in one size measuring 16 inches (40.5cm) from end to end of the flexible supportive fabric. The wraps can be applied as tight or loose as required being suited to any gender of athlete. 

All wraps come in pairs of two unique but opposite wraps suited to the right and left hand. 

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