Cotton Wrist Wraps - Black (Pair)

Wrist support is crucial to all pressing, overhead movements and gymnastics. The Murgs cotton wrist wraps offer incredible support whilst being crafted from double ply cotton with minimal stretch. 

The wraps are to be rolled around the wrists partially overlapping the wrist joint onto the bottom of the hand to boost stabilisation. Then loop the tie around and secure after a full revolution.

Wrist wraps come in one size measuring 30 inches (76cm) from end to end of the main cotton body with a 12.5 inch tie (32cm). The wraps can be applied as tight or loose as required being suited to any gender of athlete. 


All wraps come in pairs in a handy mesh bag to keep them safe and secure.

Wraps will absorb sweat so can be machine washed at 40°C. For first wash, wash alone to ensure no running of colours.

Washing isn't required, but advised by 9 out of 10 gym buddy's. 

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