Panther Grips ULTRA


Murgs Panther Grips Ultra Pair
Murgs panther grips ultra and sweatbands
Murgs Panther Grips Ultra
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Panther Grips Ultra
Panther Grips Ultra

Panther Grips Ultra

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The Panther Grips Ultra are the next generation of palm protection.

- Longer length means improved protection

Longer than the standard Panther Grips, the Panther Grips ULTRA come with excess material to allow a fold in the grips to perform the dowel technique while still covering the fingertips. 

- Soft on hands, tough on bars

Our newly developed material offers incredible durability and wear resistance both with and without chalk. On the flip side, a softer reverse keeps hands feeling comfortable and secure. 

- Supportive strap

Now with a 5cm wide strap, these grips wont budge when secured. Upgraded hook and loop plus more surface area to connect means this strap is bullet proof.


The ULTRA is designed to be longer than usual, but if this is a problem we advise trimming them down in length leaving at least 1cm more than the longest finger to allow full coverage when the hand is around a bar. 


Murgs Panther Grips ULTRA size guide

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