At Murgs we pride ourself on speedy dispatch. It's exciting to place an order for new gear, and we know that too, so all orders are processed and sent as fast as we possibly can.

We give rough guidelines on when to expect your item, but this can sometimes be inaccurate due to delays with Royal Mail.

If you've placed an order and it's not arrived, please give it a couple of extra days before contacting us as in 90% of cases, the item will arrive.

If a week has passed and you've not received your order, please contact us at and we'll chase it up and see what we can do.

Due to the speed with dispatch orders, we aren't able to make changes to an order once it's been placed.

We dispatch orders as quick as humanly possible and this speed makes it hard for us to update an address, change the items within the order or cancel dispatch.

Please ensure orders are correct prior to completing the checkout to avoid any problems.

We've recently partnered up with FedEx to provide quicker delivery internationally.

Additionally, we've subsidised all shipping costs to make it more affordable to order from overseas.

Although shipping times are quoted, international deliveries are more commonly disrupted or delayed as well as customs which can slow an orders arrival.

Customers are responsible to cover any import taxes or duty for their respective country.


To make a return or exchange from an order purchased at WIT, please contact us with the form at the bottom of the page quoting your WIT order number and Email address used.

This allows us to give you your Murgs order number and use the Return/Exchange portal.

When an item is discontinued it will be made clear by stating this in the product description.

Discontinued items can be exchanged for an alternate size or credit note, but cannot be returned for a full refund.

We give 60 days from the day of purchase to return or exchange an item.

When using the online return portal, it is important to make a note of the return address provided as this is where you'll send your item to.

Returns or exchanges must include your Order Number inside the parcel. This way we can match it up to your return request and get it processed as quick as possible.

It's advised to send items back with a tracked method. This way you'll be able to see when it's been received.

From when the item is received, it takes 3 working days to issue the refund or process your exchange.

Returns are super simple using our online return and exchange portal found here:

All you need is your Murgs order number starting with #M1 and your postcode.

Exchanges are done in the same way as a return using the portal, but rather than selecting 'Refund', choose 'Exchange' once you're inside.

Returns can take up to 3 working days to process once they've arrived at our returns facility.

We advise sending the item back with a tracked method to allow you to see when it has been received. This way you'll be able to get an idea of how long it may be until you receive your refund.

Exchanges can take up to 3 working days to process once they've arrived at our returns facility.

Once your item has been received it goes through a brief inspection process and the new item will be dispatched.

Unlike a refund, the new item needs sending out which will be sent Tracked 48 and this adds a further 2 working days onto the process.


Each product page contains the specific size guide with instructions on how that product is to be measured.

Please bare in mind that similar products may have different measurement systems and you may not be the same size in different versions.

One example is the V2 7mm knee sleeves vs V3 7mm knee sleeves.

These two products use a different method of measuring and a different size guide, so please use the specific guide for the product you require.

If you need a hand, email us at:

As we're all human and different proportions and unfortunately we can't create a guide that fit's 100% of athletes.

Our guide is just a guide and gives a typical size for the measurement you've taken. This may not be accurate in every instance but does cover over 90% of individuals.

If you do need to exchange a product, click above for guidance on how to exchange a product.

You get 30 days to send an item back from the date of purchase, but the sooner it's returned the sooner we can get you into the right size.

Discounts & Codes

Discount codes can be used at checkout before the final 'Pay now' button is clicked.

Orders placed without use of a discount code will not be able to be changed or altered to include the code.

We permit the use of a single discount code at once. Discount codes cannot be stacked together and the checkout will only allow one to be used at once.

Discount codes cannot be used in conjunction with a bundle found on a product page as this is generates a discount code to create the offer.

Bundles can be split by removing this code if you wish to use an alternate code instead, but the checkout may advise you when a better code is available.


Product warranty covers any manufacturing defects of a product within the time allocation from the date of purchase. This warranty covers products purchased from and Amazon.

Products will not be covered from misuse, improper care or negligence.

Knee Sleeves: 12 month warranty

Elbow Sleeves: 12 month warranty

4'' Weightlifting Belt: 12 month warranty

5'' Weightlifting Belt: 12 month warranty

Panther Grips: 3 month warranty

Panther Grips ULTRA: 3 month warranty

Pro Rope: 12 month warranty

Lifting straps: 12 month warranty

Wrist Wraps (Cotton): 12 month warranty

Wrist Wraps (Elastic): 12 month warranty

1100ml Steel Flask: 6 month warranty

Wristbands: 12 month warranty

Weightlifting Thumb Tape: Not covered under warranty due to it's consumable nature. If the product is faulty, please contact us immediately.

For any problems, faults or issues you experience, please contact us at

In this message please include your order number as well as a description and photographs of the issue to help us get a good idea of what's happened.

Care instructions

Murgs sleeves need to be washed at 40°C or less and can be machine washed.

Must be left to air dry naturally without pegs. Pegs can squeeze the knee sleeves with a high pressure causing a dent in the neoprene where the pegs have been. This can cause a weakness in this area and potentially cause failure.

We recommend leaving the sleeves in an open aerated space overnight.

Strictly do not iron or apply any direct heat eg; tumble dryer, hair dryer or radiator. 

Grips can be cared for by gently agitating in warm soapy water. A soft bristled brush can be used on the face of the grip to get any chalk out of the material.

Grips must not be placed in a washing machine or dryer.

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