Weightlifting Thumb Tape (Black)

  • Less rips. More reps.

    Your thumbs have never been in better hands.

    Murgs weightlifting thumb tape is the ultimate in hook grip protection. Measuring in at 38mm wide, it's the ideal length to wrap thumbs up in one loop, tear to break off and lift.

    Manufactured from 100% Rayon Cotton, our tape offers excellent wear resistance, great tensile strength and superior comfort.

    Bound with a strong waterproof adhesive, this tape requires a single application per session and won't budge even in most demanding of circumstance. The tape is also residue free, so once you're done training, whip it off and you're ready for your next challenge.

    Coming in at 38mm wide by 5m long, a single roll should last as many as 30 sessions. Even training once a day, that's a full months worth in a single roll.

    Our tape is latex free and hypoallergenic meaning it's suitable for any and all skin types.



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