Lifting Straps (Pair)

Don't let grip be the determining factor.

When lifting heavy things, your forearms are often put to the test. The grip you have on a weight is key to the lift, but why should your forearms be given such a huge responsibility, especially given their size.

That's where we come in.

Murgs Lifting Straps allow you to upgrade your grip on the bar and take the weak link out of the movement. A deadlift isn't a test of grip strength, it's a compound lift with a number of moving parts. Our straps let you secure your grip, get locked in and move that bar without fear of letting go. 

With a textured rubber logo printed on one side of the strap, our straps get rolled round that bar with no sign of letting go. A foam support is fit in the hand loop to apply a softer feel and comfort when worn. 

All straps come in pairs and one size fits all.