Murgs 7mm knee sleeves pair Black
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V2 7mm Knee Sleeves - Black (Pair)
V2 7mm Knee Sleeves - Black (Pair)
V2 7mm Knee Sleeves - Black (Pair)

V2 7mm Knee Sleeves - Black (Pair)

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The Murgs V2 knee sleeves are the best value sleeves on the market. Designed for weightlifting and strength sports, our 7mm knee sleeves will keep you safe and at the top of your game.

  • Improve performance by reducing strain placed upon the joint directly allowing the tension to be placed on the active surrounding muscle groups
  • Physically and mentally increase joint stability which in turn decreases chance of injury
  • Limits patella deviation and guides patella tracking, often reducing common knee pain
  • Speeds recovery by increasing blood flow to the joint and surrounding muscles which reduces inflammation and lactic acid

Wearing a smaller size than recommended may reduce the life of the sleeves. Our sleeves optimal lifespan is designed around the suggested fit seen in the size chart above and will decrease with incorrectly sized sleeves.

Are these the right sleeves for me? - Click here to see the guide on which sleeves may suit you best.

Murgs V2 7mm Size Guide and How to Measure

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Improved performance

When it comes to performance in Weightlifting or Crossfit, our 7mm knee sleeves are the ultimate accessory for protection and performance.

Smoother Joints

Compression and warmth increase the circulation of essential internal lubricants within the knee joint reducing stiffness and improving joint feel when lifting.

Reduced injury

Increased joint stability can reduce the risk of injury by guiding the knee joint in an optimal path leading to less time injured and more time training.


We offer a number of knee sleeves in different thickness and design. Because we want you to purchase your perfect pair, here's the style guide to ensure they're just what you need.

If on the border of two sizes we always recommend going for the larger pair. This gives the sleeves a much longer life span while still offering virtually the same level of support.

We can either swap them for the right size, or return them for a full refund. Refunds must be recieved back with us within 30 days or may not be accepted.

Returns and exchanges are simple with our online returns portal. Everything you need is here

Our knee sleeves have an estimated optimal life span of 1-2 years depending on the amount of use they see. Some athlete's use their sleeves twice a day, 6 days a week so get 6-12 months wear. Others who may use the sleeves a few times a week may see many years of life.

All our knee sleeves are universal for left and right knees. If your sleeves come with an 'L' inside, this states the size (Large) and doesn't mean you've recieved two 'Left' sleeves.

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