V3 7mm Knee Sleeves - Black (Pair)

  • Next level performance.

    V3 knee sleeves are the ultimate when it comes to heavy compounds. Manufactured from two panels of CR Neoprene with a flat lock double stitch, these sleeves offer support like anything else. Designed with a mild taper and being a full 30cm long, the V3 sleeves are ideal when testing a PR in the Squats, Deadlifts, Clean and Jerk or Snatch.

    PB's have never been in as much danger.

    V3 Knee sleeve sizing is not the same as V2 knee sleeve sizing. Due to the alternate design and smaller increments between sizes, your sleeve size may be vastly different to the V2 knee sleeves. This is normal.

    What sleeves do I need? - Click here to see the guide on which sleeves may suit you best.

    If you're unsure on sizing please email us at Contact@murgs.co.uk for guidance. We're happy to help and ensure you get the correct pair first time.

    How to wear Murgs knee sleeves

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