What sleeves do I need?

Here at Murgs, we've got a number of different sleeves to suit different types of lifts, workouts and training. Here's a brief run down of the different applications our sleeves are used for.

We've got two core styles of sleeves, the V2 and the V3 which both come with their own list of pro's and con's plus both have a unique size guide as they differ in design and style. 


V3 7mm Knee Sleeves

  • Designed for heavy compound lifts and 1 rep max work where support and compression are crucial. 
  • Ideal for testing maximum strength, Weightlifting, Powerlifting and Competition lifts.
  • Tight compressive fit, to be worn whilst lifting but may not be suitable for over an hours training. 
  • Compression 5/5

Murgs V3 7mm knee sleeves

V2 7mm Knee Sleeves

  • Designed for high intensity workouts as well as heavy lifting where stability, compression and warmth are beneficial.
  • Ideal for Crossfit, Weightlifting, workouts involving compound lifts and resistance exercises. 
  • Snug yet comfortable fit, can be worn for an hour or two training quite comfortably. 
  • Compression 4/5

Murgs V2 7mm Sleeves Crossfit

V2 3mm Knee Sleeves

  • Designed for lower intensity activities where firm support is not the main focus but mild compression and warmth are needed for enhanced blood flow and joint smoothness.
  • Ideal for Running, Walking, Rowing, Cycling or daily wear. Best suited to activities where bending of the knee doesn't benefit from much resistance.
  • Snug yet comfortable fit and can be worn all day everyday. 
  • Compression 2/5

Murgs V2 3mm knee sleeves


If you're still unsure about the style or size of sleeves that may suit you best, feel free to shoot us an email at Contact@Murgs.co.uk and we'll be happy to advise.