Ultimate Bundle

Ultimate Bundle

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Get ahead of the game with the ULTIMATE bundle which includes everything you need to tackle any Weightlifting, Functional Fitness or CrossFit workout.

V2 7mm Knee Sleeves

Keep knees protected and supported through the hardest of workouts, and add a spring to your lifts. Perfectly crafted to tackle heavy weight from deep squats, or hard knocks from lunges and burpees.

Weightlifting Belt

Lock in your core for those heavy reps and keep your lower back and spine feeling strong and secure. Lightweight yet heavy duty mean our belts pack a punch for their compact size and weight.

Panther Grips ULTRA

The ultimate pair of Grips when it comes to throwing yourself around on a rig, rings or bar. Next generation materials mean you're hands are protected from damage while your grip is never-ending. Use with, or without chalk to best suit the bar you're working with.

Wrist Wraps

Wrists are the smallest joint on the body, but are often responsible for holding tremendous weight in place. Keep wrists wrapped up and tight with the weight stable in the hand. Perfect for any pressing movements, overhead squats or even gymnastics work.

Thumb Tape ULTRA

Thumbs are especially weak in comparison to the aggressive knurl on a bar. The easiest way to keep them shielded from being ground away is a few loops of tape. Our newest formula makes for tough tape with a super sticky adhesive, yet no residue after the workout making clean up a breeze.


Wearing a pair of wristbands under your grips is the next level in comfort meaning there's less time spent adjusting straps, and more reps of toes to bar. When not used under a pair of grips, these wristbands make for an incredible lightweight sweatband to keep hands and face, sweat free.



Keep knees protected and supported both internally and externally with our advanced materials and fit.


Providing crucial support to stabilise the core during heavy lifts. Stay strong and tight with our lightweight but heavy duty belts.


Wrists can take a beating when it comes to overhead and pressing movements. Upgrade your hold keeping the weight just where it needs to be.

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