Panther Grips - Fingerless

  • Less rips. More reps.

    Murgs Panther Grips are top tier when it comes to grip, protection and durability.

    Manufactured from perforated synthetic microfiber, these grips offer incredible protection whilst maintaining a light, flexible feel while still enabling you to feel the bar.

    • Prevent rips and tears across the fingers and palm of your hands

    • Provide excellent grip without feeling like you're stuck to the bar

    • So comfortable you'll forget you're even wearing them

    • Work well with, or without chalk

    • Reduces fatigue in forearms enabling more reps and longer grip

    • Work perfectly with taped thumbs providing ultimate protection and support

    • Perfect for beginners, intermediate or seasoned veterans, these grips offer everything you're looking for.

    All grips come in pairs in a handy mesh bag, so you don't spend 15 minutes rummaging round your gym bag.

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