Murgs 625ml Stainless Steel Insulated Bottle (Black)

The Murgs Stainless steel multi use water bottle is a game changer for hydration. Boasting a handy 625ml capacity, this bottle has enough water to tackle any workout, and even comes in handy throughout daily life. Being slightly smaller than the 1.1L version, this bottle fits nicely into car cup holders and can be slightly more manageable for daily life.

Our bottles aren't just steel bottles however.

Both this 625ml and the larger 1100ml bottle are made from a double skinned, food grade stainless steel with a vacuum in-between the walls keeping cold drinks cold, and hot drinks hot. Our bottles can keep cold items cold for up to 24h and hot drinks hot for up to 12h. This means on those hot days, fill the bottle up with water and ice to still have a refreshing drink at the end of your workout. 

Offering a selection of lids, the bottled come with both a sealable straw sippy top and air tight flask top too. Both lids are designed for a carabiner around the loop to snap onto a bag or backpack. 

In a world with too much waste, this is our answer to saving a few more plastic bottles as this bottle will see you hydrated for years to come. 

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