The journey from being a dissatisfied 

customer to where we are today. 

How it all began

Knee pain. It's a nightmare. And one day, I'd had enough. So set off on my journey to escape this problem I'd developed while training, and more specifically squatting. 

My first port of call was the internet who showed me a mixture of exercises and stretches which were all a bit useless. Some helped, some didn't and some made it worse. There must be another solution. 

Knee sleeves. At this time I was relatively new to squatting properly so the term 'knee sleeves' didn't mean alot. After hours of research I found out about various materials, thicknesses and a HUGE range of prices. How could pieces of neoprene cost so much! Anyway, I finally pulled the trigger with a popular brand spending just over £30 with shipping just to find 6 days later only ONE had arrived?! I was fuming! Anyway hopped back online to re read the page and find out they were sold as single items! For £30 I assumed they had to come in a pair? Well I was very wrong. After sending this one useless knee sleeve back I began thinking... This must happen to more people than me... right? And £60 for a pair of knee sleeves was a bit steep... I can fix this. 

Murgs was born. 

A NEW Approach to Business

Conventionally businesses put profits as a top priority. Well we're different. 

Here at Murgs, we put YOU as our top priority. At the end of a day, you can run a business without profits but can't run a business without customers. 

So happy customers are what it's all about. 

Customer support and value for money is what Murgs is built around and we strive to maintain the best in the business at all times. 

whats the plan?

Murgs has bold plans to expand into various other niches in specifically the Crossfit market. We know theres loads of products out there that although are good, they cost a fortune. Our plan is to expand our the brand and continue to make simply the best products available, but for a price that's fair. 

We don't deny that other brands have some excellent products, however they don't often retail for a price that's fair. 

We'll fix that.