What makes Murgs sleeves better than other sleeves?

by John Murgatroyd November 09, 2018

Murgs blue 7mm and grey 7mm knee sleeves


What makes Murgs such good sleeves?

1. Construction/Materials

Our sleeves are manufactured out of high quality neoprene that is stitched together incredibly well to create a strong and robust product. It's been said the material used for our sleeves is one of the reason they don't absorb the same smells as other brands, and even if they do, a short wash at just 30 degrees will sort them out in no time. The sleeves can be washed to your hearts content yet still retain the same sharp colours as the day they were new. 

2. Fit/Support

Murgs sleeves offer a great snug fit. 'They're like hugs for your knees' as we've been famously told. Our sleeves are 7mm in thickness, one of the thicker sleeves on the market. We don't believe 3 or 5mm sleeves offer the kind of support you're looking for, particularly when it comes to heavy lifting or an intense workout. Our sleeves hug you like no other and don't slip or roll down like other sleeves you'll have used. We offer sizing from Small to X-Large, with X-Small on the horizon, and have 99% of lifters covered. 

3. Design

Our sleeves are designed to not only fit perfect, but allow you to look the part too. With the launch of our new Black edition sleeves to the line up, we feel we've got the start of a very attractive knee sleeve line in place. The sleeves are designed to avoid seams and stitching on the back of the sleeve. This is where most people report irritation and discomfort when bending the knee, compared to the Murgs sleeve which keeps the seams and paneling to the outside of the knee joint avoiding the more sensitive parts of the knees. 

We're on the hunt for new colours for future lines. We'll be releasing a poll in the near future to help us shape the 2019 sleeve line up! Stay tuned!

4. Customer support

Our brand is built around you, the customer. There's nothing that satisfies us more than a customer letting us know how happy they are with the product, price and service. Our customer support is available between 6:30am and 10pm with a message via Instagram, or Email (Contact@Murgs.co.uk) usually with a reply in minutes. We're always here for your support in any way possible and don't settle until you're satisfied. You, the customer, mean everything too us. That's why we've got your back no matter what. 

5. Price

After showing you the other reasons Murgs are the best in the business, it comes to price. Other name brands (That you'll have certainly heard of) retail sleeves for an extortionate price as much as £29.99 per sleeve or £60 per pair! 

Here at Murgs we decided that's too much. Our sleeves retail for £34.99 per pair with discount codes widely available plus free shipping. Currently we have a sale on the new Black Edition sleeves on Amazon which are at the low price of just £29.99 per pair plus are available on prime! In comparison to the other leading brands, we beat them by a mile. 

All we say is to give Murgs a go. We offer a 30-day full money back guarantee on every purchase so you've nothing to lose. As of yet, we've not had a single person return knee sleeves due to being dissatisfied. That says it all.

Click the link below to check out the Black Edition knee sleeves on Amazon, and have your pair with you tomorrow!

Amazon murgs sleeves

John Murgatroyd
John Murgatroyd


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