5 Ways to improve at Crossfit

by John Murgatroyd April 24, 2020

Grey knee sleeves deadlift

Crossfit is like a Rubik's cube of disciplines. Endurance, Gymnastics and raw Strength are the three pillars, but there's more ways to improve performance than the obvious ways. Here we've compiled 5 ways to improve your Crossfit performance rather than to just 'train harder'.  


1. Improve your Mobility

If you want to improve your form, you're going to need improved mobility. Increasing the weight on a bad squat is just a fast way to injury. Peoples knee's cave in, backs bend and heads drop - do this under some real weight and you're in for a bad time.

Mobility is absolutely critical to basically all of the main moves such as: Olympic Lifts, Deadlifts, Burpees, Lunges and basically every other movement you can think of.

So take more time out of your day to stretch, foam roll and massage areas of tension such as Hamstrings, Glutes and Calves.


2. Get more sleep

Sleep is incredibly important for a huge list of functions, and getting more sleep is one simple way to improved performance. 

  • Sleep improves reaction time. Moderate sleep deprivation has been proven to have the same effect as having an alcohol intoxication of 0.05% Blood Alcohol Content. That's the equivalent of a couple of beers!
  • Sleep improves Leanring and Memory. Ever sat there listening to the coach talk about how to improve a lift, to give it a go and have no idea what they said? This could be due to lack of sleep which is shown to reduce concentration and short term memory!
  • Sleep hinders motivation. Know them days in the gym where even walking in you know a PB isn't on the cards, and you just want to get it done and go home? This could be due to a lack of sleep killing your aspirations and ability for new personal bests.


3. Improve your form

Form can often be worsened by a lack of mobility, but sometimes it's as easy as knowing how to execute a movement. You might be using poor queues, incorrect movement patterns or just never have been taught properly. 

For us, the best way to improve form is Youtube. Type into Youtube literally any movement and watch the guides. Don't get me wrong there are some guides with millions of views that are complete rubbish, but mostly the top rated content can get you going in the right direction.

That, or simply ask someone. When you're next in the box, say 'Hey Coach, could you just how me if there's any areas of my squat I can improve on?'

They're there to help and want the best for you, so use that wealth of knowledge and improve that form!


4. Get out of your comfort zone

Getting out of your comfort zone is hard, that's the definition of it. 

Forge some mental toughness through wod's that take you way above and beyond typical run of the mill workouts. Do things that genuinely push you so hard you're thinking 'Why on earth did I think this was a good idea'.

Examples, 1000 Burpees for time. That's right, sounds awful. But it's doing things like this that make a workout that requires 5 rounds of 20 burpees, 50 DU's and 20 wall balls seem like a walk in the park.

Take yourself to places you've never been and then the ordinary will be easy. 


5. Perfect strict movements

Strict form movements cannot be cheated, and often give people bit of a shock when attempted. Why? Because it's easy to just cheat a little on a movement to get the rep, so when it comes to strict form, people can't do the numbers and weights they're used to. 

Practising strict movements improves true strength in the areas in which compound to improve form. If you're doing a strict pull up, you're actually activating and using the right muscles that are required therefor improving the strict pull up in future. So them days when you do need to just snag one more, your form slips a touch and you can still grab the rep. 

Take a step back, lessen the weight and keep form strict. It'll pay dividends in the long run we promise.


So there we go, 5 simple tips to improve your Crossfit performance. These tips take time but are absolutely worth it long term.


John Murgatroyd
John Murgatroyd


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